Oil paintings and Oil sketches are done from photographs and/or live sitttings. Also, painterly "loose" and tight "detailed" approaches are constantly being implemented in all paintings. These techniques can be determined by the painter and the client.

For  Live sittings for paintings, the client would have to allot six to eight hours and be prepared to pose for twenty-minute sessions. There are five minute breaks between poses and then the painting resumes in order to have a completed painting by the end of the session.

Typical paintings are 9 x 12" and 11 x 14" for the types of works described above and can be up to 18 x 24".

For work larger than 18 x 24", at least two or more, six to eight-hour sessions would have to be booked.

Large scale works are considered to be 2 x 4', 3 x 5', 4 x 4', 4' x 6'. (These works typically take 4 to 6 months for completion.)

Alessandra Quintero, Oil, 3 x 4', 2009. Private Collection.